Red Justice

Red Justice is a band of adventurers registered at Hydorn Hall. Though not all members of the party are currently recognized by the adventurers’ guild as such, the guild recognizes the fluid nature of such organizations and will honor the party roster as presented whensoever any founding member reports to Hydorn Hall or any affiliated establishments across Mininesse and beyond for the purposes of reward collection or issuance of requisitioned supplies. All members of Red Justice are expected to do more good than harm and pursue any accepted quests with all due seriousness and intention of resolving whatever problem has been presented to them by the quest-giver. Rules may not apply to quests which are not first routed through Hydorn Hall. Rules subject to change at Hydorn’s discretion. Adventure well!

Current Members

Player Characters
  • Archibald – Oft-quiet human sorcerer with a horned toad on his shoulder. Wields a very interesting staff carved with a floral motif and topped with a large amethyst.
  • Fagen – Talkative satyr cleric of the Philosopher Queen with an indomitable sense of adventure and deep appreciation for the ladies.
  • Jishin – Helpful human monk and adherent of Albwin who once ushered souls to their otherworldly homes.
  • Qui’las – Abrasive frost elf wizard and chosen of Ychora, glad to introduce others to pain, whether they appreciate the lesson or not.
  • Spikka – Flighty pooka bard who has a very difficult time telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Tomu – Dedicated dwarven samurai in the service of a powerful patron. Familiar with countless laws and loopholes, mostly dwarven.
Non-Player Characters
  • Carver – Angry adolescent training under Qui’las to be a wizard… and a follower of Ychora. Former prisoner, his freedom granted while visiting Last Light.
  • Itarisk – Stoic fey guardian and archer who has potentially traded immortality to accompany Red Justice on its mission.

Previous Members

  • Gilen – Observant eshu bard with a knack for tale-telling. Prone to blushing. He’s found other adventures to pursue.
  • Miles – Devoted sidhe cleric of Cecil, god of light and truth, and skilled interrogator. Though tending to church business now, he may yet return.

Red Justice

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